About Us

Our Team

Will, Luncher Founder

With over 10 years’ experience supporting, nurturing and encouraging young people’s positive development through working in schools, Will is incredibly passionate about improving the wellbeing and quality of life that kids enjoy during their education. He thrives on the link between great food and the impact it has on mood, wellbeing, and mental and physical performance.

A highly-experienced coach and mentor, Will brings a tremendous amount of knowledge, passion and drive to the Luncher team. Will firmly believes in the pay-it-forward ethos and aims to develop a thriving bunch of Lunchers focused on the benefits of good food and community values.

Kate, Luncher Community & Operations Leader

With a deep seeded love for food and agriculture, Kate has come up through the ranks of agribusiness, start-ups and hospitaliy to join the Luncher team. She holds a double degree in Agriculture and Business from the University of New England and her experience ranges from a remote cattle station in The Kimberley’s to managing a raucous pub in Sydney. Her passion for great food, local produce and her local community has been passed down from her family and she has a lifelong goal to better the mental and physical well-being of the next generation through food.

Luncher is a first of its kind fresh meal delivery service for school communities, including teachers. We prepare fresh food daily in our commercial grade kitchens, deliver them directly to your doorstep or school and constantly work to offer exciting, delicious food. Our background as a team covers experience in childhood education, academic and physical development from K-12, nutrition, expert recipe development and a shared passion for great food. With our hands-on approach, we are always working to better our experience and look forward to easing your daily schedule!

At present, only 1 in 20 school kids in Australia eat to the basic dietary guidelines. With our solution we hope to change that by offering exciting, delicious meals with a great deal of variety. Plain salad and a white bread sandwich? Not a chance! Our meals focus on a healthy balance of nutrients and at least 2 portions of fruit and veg.. Exciting flavours, trendy meals, vibrant colours of fresh produce; all contribute to a truly enjoyable lunch for our Lunchers.

Safety and Child Protection

Our Lunchers are at the centre of everything we do and keeping them healthy and safe is as important to us as it is to you.

With all of our meals prepared in commercial grade kitchens by professional cooks and rigorous quality control standards used for every meal; you are always in good hands.

Luncher’s team have up to date Working With Children Checks and our delivery employment process uses the same rigorous standards you might expect to find in school.

Luncher and COVID-19

Luncher is a COVID-Safe business. You can rest assured that all Luncher staff are fully vaccinated and working under comprehensive COVID safety measures. The safety and wellbeing of our Lunchers is always a priority and we will continue to adhere to the best practices for COVID safety