Competition Specific Terms and Conditions

Luncher clubs, community groups and school teams competition

“Clubs” refers to any group as outlined in 1.a.
“Participants” refers to any person or persons submitting an entry as per 3. In line with 1.b.
“Organisers” refers to Luncher Pty Ltd, the organisers of the competition

1. Eligibility

a. All sports, drama, recreational, scout, dance, social, or other clubs, community groups, school co-curricular groups, school sports teams or community teams based in, or with members or participants based in, post code areas 2074, 2075, 2076, 2077, 2120 in NSW Australia are eligible to put entries forward. [Hereafter “Club” or “Clubs”]. Entries not meeting this criteria are welcome but will not be eligible for the prize.

b. “Participants” in the competition may be of any age and are members of the Club or; Volunteers or staff of the Club or; participate in or have immediately family participating in regular Club activities or; are sponsors or financial or non-financial supporters of the club or; are players, team members at the Club.

c. Participants under the age of 18 must have permission from a parent or carer

d. The choice to participate in association with or independently from the Club is at the discretion of the Club and the Participant. The organisers acknowledge that for school teams, in particular, there may be privacy matters that prevent participants and the organisation from collaborating on entries and, as such, will accept

2. Key dates:

a. Entries for Clubs via the form at open December 16th and close January 8th 2022. Late entries by clubs, groups or teams may be accepted at the competition organiser’s discretion no later. Requests for late entry should be emailed to

b. Facebook posts must be made between December 26th 2021 and January 8th inclusive.

c. Finalists’ photos will be shared on the Luncher facebook page on the 9th of January.

d. The competition closes on January 14th.

e. Winners will be announced on January 15th and will ideally be available on January 16th for presentation of the prize and a photograph at their main club/group/team venue.

3. Entries

a. There is no limit to the number of people who may enter in association with a particular club.

b. Each person counts as one entry, regardless of the number of posts. The organisers suggest just one post per person!

c. An entry is made when a participant posts a photo to facebook via any facebook account and tags the Luncher facebook page ( ), #LuncherTogether and either tags or, in the event the Club does not have socials, names their Club.

4. Prize

a. The prize is $2,000 and is for the Club associated with the winning entry.

b. The prize is awarded to the Club, neither the prize nor any part thereof may be claimed by an individual entrant.

5. How To Win

a. There are 3 stages to the competition

a. Clubs must register via the form at 2.a.

b. Participants must post a photograph tagging @luncherau #lunchertogether and either tagging or naming their Club by 23:59 on January 8th 2022. Photographs may be posted via any facebook account including that of a parent or the Club. If posting on an account belonging to a participant aged under 18, permission of a parent or carer is required.

c. Luncher staff will choose their favourite 10 posts on January 9th and will post them on the Luncher Facebook page at at 4pm on January 9th 2022.

d. The post will remain active and promoted from the Luncherau Facebook page until 23:59 January 14th 2022, at which time the participant who’s photograph has received the most “likes” or “reactions” combined will be declared the winner.

e. The winner will be notified by Facebook message, comment on their photo and by contacting their associated club on both the email address and phone number provided in the club entry form at

f. The prize must be accepted within 48 hours and may be accepted either by the winning participant or a member/manager of their associated Club.

g. In the event a prize remains unclaimed more than 72 hours after notification, assuming all reasonable efforts have been made by the organiser to contact the Participant and the Club, the prize will be forfeited and awarded to the runner up under the above criteria.

6. Photograph permissions

a. By submitting an entry in line with these terms and conditions the participant thereby grants Luncher Pty ltd an unlimited license to use the photographic and text content of the entry post, the Participants name (or that or a parent or guardian if requested for participants under the age of 18), and the Club name to promote Luncher Pty Ltd generally including on social media, print media, the website and other relevant material.

b. By accepting the prize, a Club and Participant agree to allow Luncher to attend their regular venue or training facility and to allow Luncher to photograph the handing over of the prize to a representative of the Club. The photographs of this occasion may be used by Luncher or the Club for the purposes of promoting this Trade Promotion or any other Luncher business. The Club agrees that all in attendance for these photographs will have consented to their image being used accordingly.

7. Safety and Liability

a. Participation in the competition is at the exclusive discretion of participants and, where the participant is under the age of 18, a parent or carer.

b. Luncher Pty Ltd, its staff, associated and subsidiaries accept no liability for loss, damage or injury resulting from participation in this competition.

c. Luncher encourages all participants to apply common sense and best safety practises in participating in the competition.

d. No entries depicting dangerous, rude, defamatory images or images of a sexual nature will be considered.

8. Selection of finalists

a. Luncher believes in fair and equitable participation in all aspects of competition.

b. The final 10 selection will be made by the Luncher staff at their discretion

c. This system is in place so as to allow all participants a fair and equal chance in progressing through the first round of the competition regardless of their number of followers/friends or social media connections.

9. Complaints, enquiries

a. Any queries and complaints relating to this competition must be directed to the contact details below.

b. By participating in this event both Clubs and Participants agree that in the unlikely event a complaint arises, all parties will maintain confidentiality with regard to the complaint and the nature thereof unless otherwise required by a Court of NSW.

10. Continuation of the competition

a. If at any point after January 8th 2022 there are less than 20 entrants to the competition, the competition will be suspended pending either;
i. Cancellation
ii. Postponement to a later date to allow for a greater number of participants to enter

b. By entering the competition Luncher does not guarantee any prize money to the Club or Participant nor the continuation of the competition in any form in the event that less than 20 entrants are actively involved in the competition.


This is a trade promotion run by Luncher Pty Ltd. Of 49 liverpool Street, Paddington NSW 2021. Phone: 0459 107 953. Email: