What's new for Luncher in 2024?

Well, hello again! 

We missed you all, truly we did. 

After a super productive break, we're back serving delicious nutritious lunches to our wonderful community. As part of our 2022 Luncher family, you supported us, you taught us and we learned so much from all of you wonderful people. With that in mind, here's what's new at Luncher in 2024:  

We are here to stay 

With revamped processes, an incredible kitchen team (seriously, more experience there than I have years on Earth), and some fantastic changes, we've built something to last. You can count on Luncher for years to come!

Order now for 50% off your first week. 

Flexible, visual ordering

Our customer portal and ordering system are now super user-friendly. Want to update deliveries, swap meals, add upgrades, pause, or even cancel? It's all just a click away. And guess what? Beautiful menu pictures and kid-friendly descriptions make it a breeze to get your little ones excited about their meals.

A special note for those with picky eaters - we heard you! You can now order the same meal every day if that's what you little Luncher needs! 

Super special fancy packaging (yep, that's the technical term)

Our amazing new packaging keeps meals fresh & safe for the week. Enjoy when it suits - perfect for changing schedules, early mornings or Saturday sport! 

Plus with our 2-section boxes, simply tear back one section to tuck in at morning tea while saving the other for lunch! 

Easy peasy deliveries 

On your doorstep each Sunday morning by refrigerated transport, your meals arrive in an insulated, ice-cooled box safe for your return from Sunday activities! Just pop them in the fridge ready for your Lunchers to grab-n-go during the week. 

Mains, sides, treats. Balance is the name of the game!

We're all about balance. Our meals are designed to be appealing to your little ones (and not so little - try "Large" options for active, growing or older kids), while providing nutritionist-approved goodness. With favourites such as sausage rolls and mini burgers, meals are hand made in our professional kitchen from scratch, packed with hidden veggies. Never processed, never made with nasties. 

All meals come with: 

- A main component such as Fritters

- A side of veg sticks and a dip of your choice

- A selection of seasonal fruit 

- A mini sweet treat 

Some things never change... 

Our core mission remains the same: better lunches for Aussie kids. We're deeply passionate about the quality of food and ingredients, about convenience for busy parents and about continuously improving what we offer. We hope that these changes will make that mission ever stronger for the benefit of all the wonderful little Lunchers! 

What's in store

We've got big things in store, with our focus being on YOU our wonderful Luncher community. Expect to see us around in the coming months supporting you wherever we can. Heck, we'll even give your mates a free lunch, just following this link or scan the QR on your lunch box when it's delivered! 


Thank you for being a part of the Luncher community. We can't wait to get to know you better!

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