Why Luncher?

Our Mission

Luncher's dream is to make delicious, healthy food accessible & convenient for families across Australia. It's that simple.

At present only 1 in 20 Aussie school kids eat to the basic dietary guidelines. We're going to change that! We hope you'll love being part of our community and can't wait to get to know you better. We're here for the long haul, so we can always look after your lunching needs.


Will Beedham

With a decade dedicated to fostering positive youth development in schools, Will is passionate about enhancing kids' well-being during their education. As a seasoned coach and mentor, he brings a wealth of knowledge and drive to the Luncher team, aiming to create a thriving community focused on the benefits of good food and strong values.

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The team

Kate, Rachel & Our Kitchen

The MVPs of Luncher are friend of Luncher, Kate, who regularly reviews what we put out; and Rachel & her team at our Kitchen. With decades of combined experience in high end catering & family cooking, the team are truly experts. Our recipes are constantly reviewed and improved - we will always listen to your feedback!

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