We're All About Great Food!

Our mission is to craft high-quality, nutrition-rich meals. Our menu packages this goodness into a genuinely appealling selection that Lunchers of all ages will love.

There's got to be a better, easier solution than a Four'N Twenty pie or a vegemite sandwich, right? Right! Enter Luncher...

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What to expect in

Every Meal

  • A main, a side of veg sticks & a pot of dip, fresh fruit & a sweet treat
  • Sealed with our cutting edge tech to keep it fresh for the week
  • A 2-section box. Perfect for snacking on sides for morning tea
  • No need to heat. Just peel back the film & enjoy
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What to expect from

Luncher Food

  • Tested by our little Luncher testers πŸ˜‹
  • Perfectly portioned for young Lunchers πŸ‘Œ
  • Chef-crafted fresh in-house from scratch πŸ‘©β€πŸ³
  • Nut-free (may contain traces) πŸ₯œ
  • Always preservative & Additive Free ⛔️
  • Contains at least 2 serves of fruit & veg
  • Packed with hidden goodness πŸ₯’ πŸ₯¦
  • Nutritionist approved for growing Lunchers πŸ€“

Pork, Apple & Onion Meatballs

Lean, premium pork mince mixed with fresh fruit & veg. Served on rice. Caramelised onions & 'green bits' hidden in a tasty meal. Super healthy!

Corn, Zucchini & Cheese Fritters

Fresh-made fritters boast all you could want out of lunch: mostly veggies & egg (a dash of cheese for good measure). Healthy & scrumptiously filling!

Authentic Chicken & Vegetable Curry

Cooked from scratch in-house with premium ingredients, our mild curry delights all ages. Packed with hidden veg, served on rice. Perfect!

Veg-Packed House- Made Burger

Premium beef, fresh veggies & generous seasoning crafted in to a recognisable favourite for all to enjoy. Topped with cheese & salad leaves!

A Classic Chicken Parmi (but healthier)

Our tenders; oven-baked, topped with our tomato sauce & cheese. A classic to keep kids smiling, while you know they're getting what they need!

Gourmet Grilled Mac & Cheese

Our house made sauce with perfectly cooked macaroni. Grilled for that tasty golden top. A great lunch in our perfect portion. Guaranteed hit!

Yummy Bacon Pizza Scrolls

Delicious real tomato sauce, cheese and bacon is rolled in our own pastry. Never processed, always house-made! Great on-the-move food!

Premium Lean Pork Sausage Rolls

Not all sausage rolls are born equal. More veg than you'd tell the kids, premium pork & our pastry; this is no Four'N Twenty, this is good food!

Green Goodness Spinach & Feta Scrolls

True to our mission, we've packed heaps of green into this favourite among our Lunchers. We've made the pastry fresh, of course. Perfect on the go!

Freshly Made Rainbow Wholemeal Wraps

A safe bet, for sure! A rainbow of chopped tomato, shredded carrot, lettuce, ham & cheese. Customise to remove anything you wish!

Tasty Meatballs & Rice!

Who doesn't love indulgent pork & apple meatballs! Packed with protein. Great to keep you fuelled during the day and most importantly they taste amazinggg!

Golden Cheese & Corn Fritters!

The brunch classic you'll already love, these cheesey treats are deliciously satisfying & super good for you. Our little testers eat them near daily!

Yummy Chicken Curry!

This perfectly mild chicken curry is house-made perfection, served on rice. Bursting with flavour (without the sting) to keep you full up & smiling all day!

Classic Cheeseburger!

We grill our juicy burgers, top with cheese before popping in a bun. It's exactly what you deserve in an active lunch break! No cheese? Let us know at checkout!

Iconic Chicken Parmi

Think golden breadcrumbed chicken tenders lathered in tomato sauce & scrumptious cheese. Sooo satisfying! Vegemite sandwiches are no more, this is the good life!

!Crispy-top Mac'N'Cheese

Some real comfort food; a treat for your lunchtime break! Super cheese sauce, perfectly cook macaroni, grilled to finish that bronze crispy top. We're already wanting more!

Cheese & Bacon Pizza Scrolls!

Scrolling a pizza (it's a verb, right?) keeps everything fresh, moist and delicious - not to mention easy to eat on the move. Bacon, plenty of cheese. Heavenly!

Top Notch Sausage Rolls!

Golden, flakey pastry (you know...that irresistible kind) and the best sausage filling! We'd settle for nothing less. These are far from junk food, and you're going to love them!

Sumptuous Savoury Scrolls!

A mouthwateringly brilliant way to fill up at lunch and enjoy some cheese, savoury goodness. Our little Luncher testers are obsessed with these for every meal!

Rainbow Wraps!

Your choice of ham, cheese, shredded carrot, lettuce & chopped tomato. Prefer them without something? Customise to you heart's content at checkout!