Set & Forget (or don't)

Our subscription service means once you're set up, you never have to think about school lunches again!

However, with our mouthwatering array of choices that are updated every term, our self-service portal allows you to customise your choices to your heart's content. Enjoy the flexibility to pause, skip, update, or cancel anytime you want! Just remember to do so by 9am Thursday for the coming week.

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Deliveries, Billing and Subscriptions

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How Do I Manage My Subscription?

Head to our My Subscription page!

Where Does Luncher Deliver?

Check if we serve your postcode here.

How Much Does It Cost?

Our subscriptions start from just $9.99/meal with one-time orders starting from $10.99/meal.

Every meal has a main of your choice, a side of vegetable sticks and dip, seasonal fruit and a sweet treat! As you add meals to your order, you'll see the prices per meal come down!

All orders have a $5.99 delivery charge (we're working to get rid of this, but trust us when we say we've made this as low as possible)!

How Do You Deliver?

We deliver Luncher meals weekly on a Sunday through our cold-chain delivery partner in an insulated box. Just pop your lunches in the fridge ready for your little Lunchers to grab and go each morning.

When Do You Deliver?

Weekly on a Sunday. Away for the day? Fear not, our boxes have been tested to keep food at fridge temperature for up to 12 hours!

How Do I Order for Multiple Children?

You've got two choices. Either add all of your meals to one subscription (to benefit from our volume based pricing discounts), or set up two separate subscriptions. Remember, though, you can always change your subscription any time before Thursday at 9am for the coming week!

Can I Pause My Subscription?

Absolutely! You can pause through the self service portal any time before 9am Thursday for the coming week's delivery.

How Do I Update My Address, Billing Info etc?

Use our handy self service portal to update billing info, addresses, menu choices and more! You'll find a link to this in your first confirmation email.

Can I Cancel My Subscription?

There's no lock-ins at Luncher! You can cancel any time before 9am Thursday for the coming week's delivery!

meals, Choices & Allergies

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Can I Customise My Menu?

Absolutely! Head to our My Subscription page to access your account.

5 fritter meals this week? No problem. 10 different meals next week for lunch and dinner? Also fine!
Luncher's visual ordering system and self service portal make it easy to select meals and quantities with your little Lunchers! Just add at least 3 meals to your subscription order.

You can change your choices, quantities and more through the portal every week before 9am Thursday. Changes after this time will take effect the next week.

Large Vs Standard, What's the Difference?

Luncher offers not only a selection of meal choices, but also the option to upgrade to a Large meal for those demanding days and growing Lunchers. Simply select "Large" from the dropdown when selecting your meals.

You can change sizes at any time in the customer portal!

What's In Each Meal?

Every meal includes:

  1. A delicious main of your choosing
  2. A side of vegetable sticks and a dip (in a pot)
  3. A seasonal fruit selection
  4. A little sweet treat

Do You Cater For Allergies?

Luncher meals are all made without nuts, though we advice that they may contain traces as they are produced in a kitchen where nuts are handled.

Please list any allergies during the checkout process so that we can contact you to assist if needed.

We have vegetarian and GF options available when ordering.

As our range expands, we'll have even more options available!

How Do I Store the Lunches

Luncher meals arrive ready to pop in your fridge, so that your little Lunchers can Grab & Go on the way to school each day.

Store meals at 1-4°C.

What's The Use By Date

Consume within 7 days of delivery

Does the Menu Change?

Each term we'll be introducing exciting new meals to enjoy, so your little Lunchers will never get bored and you'll never have to worry about packed lunches again - ever!

How Are Meals Packaged? Is it Sustainable?

Meals are packaged in recyclable trays with cardboard recyclable sleeves. The film can be returned to us or any soft plastics collection point for processing!

With our zero-waste goal in the kitchen, we have all but eliminated food waste from the cooking process. No more leftovers in your bin, Luncher cooks to demand and ensures everything is to the highest quality.

Can I Eat Meals for Morning Tea?

Our 2 section boxes make it easy to peel back part of the lid and enjoy some of the veg/fruit/sweet treat as a morning snack.

We also have great add ons such as oat bars and juices coming very soon!

How Do I Store Meals

Luncher meals are delivered by refrigerated logistics experts. Once delivered, meals should be kept refrigerated.

Do I Need to Heat Meals?

Nope! Luncher meals are ready to eat on the playground - just peel back the lid and enjoy.